Dec 10, 2006

Trans-Dniester Separatists In Eastern Moldova Hold Presidential Elections

Internationa Herald Tribune reports that residents in the self-proclaimed separatist republic of Trans-Dniester in eastern Moldova cast ballots Sunday in a presidential election. Igor Smirnov, an authoritarian leader with strong ties to Russia who has run Trans-Dniester since 1991, is expected to easily beat three challengers to win a fourth consecutive five-year term in office.

Trans-Dnister or Pridnestrovie is a region of the Republic of Moldova in southeastern Europe which declared its independence on September 2, 1990. Its de facto independence has not been recognized and its sovereignty remains an issue of contention.

There is disagreement as to whether elections in Transnistria are free and fair. Western countries and organizations, such as the OSCE, have declared that no democratic elections can take place in Transnistria under the present circumstances and have refused to recognize or monitor them. Election results are suspicious, as in 2001 in one region it was reported that Kamchatka-raised former metalworker Igor Smirnov collected 103.6% of the votes. Nevertheless, some organizations, such as CIS-EMO, have participated and have called them democratic.

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