Dec 8, 2006

The New Great Game

Russia’s and the United States’ geopolitical interests clash in Central Asia and the Caucasus, writes Aaron Sadler in his analysis for the Russia Profile. These territories are not only strategic for expanded influence after the fall of the Soviet Union, but also for access to increasingly important energy resources and supply routes. In the 1990’s Russia has lost its previous advantage in the area and the United States did its best to fill the void. The resurging Russia under Putin, however, strives hard to regain its lost influence, which leads to tensions between the two powers. Sadler argues that “it is in the Caucasus that a conflict could arise between the United States and Russia, driven by the need for energy security. However, it is also important to note that this potential conflict would probably not entail any overt moves directly against the larger players but, like a Cold War conflict, be played out by proxies.” more…

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