Dec 18, 2006

Russia Rises On Global Oil Demand

Russia has emerged as an unrivaled energy superpower in a world thirsty for oil and gas, but the country's recent moves to seize control of strategic parts of the energy industry have slowed growth in production and raised questions about the legal rights of investors and speed of future development, writes Patrice Hill for The Washington Times.
As the world looks increasingly to Russia to satisfy its energy needs, the International Energy Agency is raising questions about whether growth in Russian oil and gas exports will be fast enough to keep up with rising demand in Europe and commitments Russia has made to deliver oil and gas to both Europe and Asia. "Will the investments take place? Will they come on time?" asked William C. Ramsey, deputy executive director of the international agency. "These are costly projects. ... We're concerned that the investment climate now is not conducive to bringing those resources online."

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