Dec 7, 2006

How I Was Poisoned And Why Russia's Political Enemies Were Surely Behind It

In a commentary printed in The Financial Times, Yegor Gaidar, the former Russian PM, retells the story of his poisoning and offers a theory who may have been behind it. “Most likely […] some obvious or hidden adversaries of the Russian authorities stand behind the scenes of this event, those who are interested in further radical deterioration of relations between Russia and the west. Within several hours, comparing the dates of events that took place during the past six weeks, I formulated a rather logical and consistent hypothesis on the reasons behind this. The world view regains its intrinsic logic and ceases resembling a Kafkaesque nightmare. Still, it does not look any more enjoyable. Well, as they say in Russia, as long as we are alive, we might even be happy some day, but that is a different story.”

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