Dec 12, 2006

Fourth Suspect Detained Over Attempt on Top Reformer Chubais’ Life

Russian authorities have detained Ivan Mironov, the 25-year-old history student, who had been wanted over an assassination attempt on the head of the Unified Energy Systems of Russia joint-stock company, Anatoly Chubais, Interfax reports. Boris Mironov, father of the detainee and former Russian Federation Press Minister has also been detained in Moscow recently.

Anatolii Chubais, the head of Russia's electricity monopoly, escaped an assassination attempt on March 17, 2005. He was traveling in a motorcade on the Minsk highway towards Moscow when a landmine planted on the road exploded. Then, two armed men wearing white camouflage in a nearby forest, opened fire on the motorcade with automatic weapons. Chubais's bodyguards returned fire, and the would-be assassins fled into the forest.
Read more about the assassination attempt on Chubais from BBC...

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