Dec 9, 2006

BlogSpotting: Nashi and Brenton

Sean Guillory: Nashi's Anti-Brenton Campaign
"Nashi has become one of the populist means to intimidate those it has deemed enemies of Russia and Putin. Welcome to the Komsomol reincarnate."

Martin Kelly: Sack Brenton Now
"To those Russians standing outside the British Embassy on Moscow demanding that [Brenton] apologise, I apologise on his behalf; and hope in all sincerity that the thugs and thieves who have been given shelter in my name in my country will soon be returned to face your justice."

La Russophobe: Kremlin's Youth Cult On Rampage
"Foreign ministry officials privately agree that Nashi's behaviour is outrageous and goes well beyond peaceful protest. But they claim there is little they can do: Nashi is too close to the Kremlin. It has close ties with Vladislav Surkov, the deputy head of the Kremlin administration, as well as Mr Putin himself."

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