Nov 30, 2006

Irish Police Launches Formal Investigation Into Gaidar's Poisoning

Less than a week after the death of former KGB spy Michael Litvinenko in London, the Irish police started a formal investigation into the suspected poisoning of former Russian PM, Yegor Gaidar. The spectacular series of murders that seems to be shattering the remainder of the illusions about the progress in Russia culminated yesterday with the news that Gaidar suffered from a mysterious illness. While initially dismissed by Irish authorities, it immediately started a storm of speculations whether the illness was indeed a poisoning and whether it was related to the murders of Litvinenko and Russian journalist Ana Politkovskaia. Yesterday, Anatoly Chubais, former associate of Gaidar and the current head of the Russian monopolist Unified Energy System expressed no doubts that Gaidar was poisoned and that the poisoning was connected to the previous murders.

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