Nov 30, 2006

Cheap Vodka for the Masses

Osman Paragulgov, the head of Russia's union of wine and spirits producers, has presented a solution to the ever increasing rate of Russians dying from poisoning from bootleg vodka. He calls for a cheap, but safe and regulated drink that even poor Russian drinkers will be able to afford.

Large numbers of Russians, especially in poor alcoholism-stricken rural areas, are no longer able to afford the national drink and frequently reach to cheaper substitutes instead. However, often with dire consequences as the bootleg vodka often contains poisonous, and even lethal substances. Last year alone, more than 40,000 people died after consuming counterfeit alcohol.

Paragulgov points out that there is no intention to flood the Russian market with cheap vodka – regulation would be necessary.

We suggest that for effective regulation the prices should be set at Rb 3, so that it’s easier to put together a troika.

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